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Luna Rossa, accolto il ricorso!


La sentenza che non t’aspetti e che permette a Luna Rossa di vincere senza nemmeno avere ancora bagnato i due scafi del proprio maxi-catamarano.

In piedi, entra la Corte


Ecco chi sono e da dove vengono i 5 membri della Giuria Internazionale dell’America’s Cup, riuniti per decidere sulle proteste di ETNZ e Luna Rossa (accorpate, buon segno). Tutti potentissime vecchie conoscenze. Sentenza forse mercoledì.

Americas Cup Findings Revealed


Structural reviews of AC72 boats and wings, a 10-knot lower wind limit (23  knots maximum) and enhanced sailor safety equipment are among the 37  recommendations issued today to increase safety during the Summer of Racing at  the 2013 America’s Cup.

America’s Cup Will Continue


AC officials confirm that event will go ahead this summer and announce the members of the review committee following last week’s tragedy

America’s Cup Tragedy – What Happened?


Twenty four hours after the unthinkable happened, details are starting to emerge and further questions asked as to the circumstances surrounding the capsize of Artemis’ AC72 and the death of crew member Andrew Simpson.

Slow down, you’re going too fast


In the wake of the death of Andrew Simpson Yachting World editor David Glenn comments on what he sees as an unsatisfactory state of affairs surrounding the America’s Cup