Enough is enough with this crisis : we need reaction and not resignation!

At the end there is always someone which is worse off than us....

Enough is enough with this crisis : we need reaction and not resignation! And in the case of the marine industry, it would be advisable that one begin to hear the word of those who go by sea and wants to continue to go to sail.

We publish in this connection, the beginning part of the article of  Giovannella RussoIn the May Newsletter .

“Some days ago, after a hard day of work, listening to a lot of news, I suddenly thought: enough is enough with this crisis, the spread that goes in the elevator, people not spending, consumer confidence, which decreases! There is nothing but talk of crisis, everyone has their own recipe to overcome it and in the meantime we become every day more serious, negative and even sad, and we look good from learning to be happy because maybe we are too afraid to learn to cope with problems, because then we would not know more with who to complain about it.” ( To read more click here)

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