Assistance and rescue of vessels in distress


With the start of the boating season also came requests for assistance and rescue at sea, unfortunately, not a few. Here are some of the most important news on the topic.

June 4) The Nautical Club of Terracina on board of the Naval Unit of the police, at approximately 09.45  received a radio distress call from the crew of a small vessel of six meters with two people on board , drifting for engine failure, about two miles across from the Port of San Felice Circeo…

(June 17) On Sunday afternoon, the Coast Guard control office received telephone distress call from a swimmer present on the seafront of Reggio Calabria in the vicinity of the Arena” Franco Ciccio ‘of Reggio Calabria, who reported the presence of a white  sailing vessel of 2,50 meters upside down with a person clinging to the same …

(June 18) Saved by the Coast Guard of Mazara del Vallo, four sailors on board of a recreational vessel in distress in the sea area between the beach and port of Mazara Tonnarella…

(June 19) Team of the marine police headquarters in Savona mobilized to rescue a vessel out of control, within the port, in danger of colliding with other boats because of engine failure…

The need for assistance and securing services for vessels becomes increasingly urgent, in fact is on this principle that Alfalyrae works . Our technical center, active 24h/24 with qualified staff is always ready to intervene to give the first indications of safety measures and provide assistance for towing operations and repairing of the failure. And not only … Alfalyrae members receive discounted rates as the operation is done by technicians affiliated with Alfalyrae. In addition, members can take advantage of the multitude of services that Alfalyrae makes available all year round.

Sail in safety … choose Alfalyrae

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